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About Us
Your squad works hard to get results on the sideline and in the gym. That is what you expect from your athletes. That is also what you should expect from your premade cheer music company. If you are looking for the best premade cheer mixes on the internet, your search is over. At CheerleadingMix.com, we deliver hard-hitting and epic mixes that give your team the edge they need to hit stunning and captivating routines.

Your music should inspire you to strive for greatness, whether you’re at a competition, practice, or at home running through your routine before the big event. Our premade cheer mixes nail it every single time. The quality of our premade music cannot be matched, and our customer service is unparalleled in the industry. If you are looking for that extra little bit of motivation for your squad, look no further. Our music is high-energy, impactful, affordably priced, and only a few clicks away. Listening and purchasing are simple and hassle-free, so you can hit the floor with the confidence that your team will have what they need to perform their best when it counts. Let CheerleadingMix.com take your cheer routine to the next level!